More than just hope, more than just a dream, more than just you and I.
It is just possibly a ticket for our existence.

The Idea of  the Movement

I’m convinced that a new civilisation is around the corner. I am part of a global movement that has no name, no leader, no coordinated actions. It is coming from within. More and more of us are feeling it, sensing it, acting upon our inner calling. We know that it is time to live differently. To be more connected to the living world around us.
To be in balance with the Planet, the Universe, with ourselves and our fellow humans.

Here I share with you my view of why and how the new civilisation might organise itself, what its new priorities could be, and what could be the essence of it. I am fully aware of my limitations. I humbly hope that it could be good material for
a broader global discussion. I would also like to acknowledge all the inspiring people that I have had the privilege to meet, or to read their work, because they have all contributed to what is in front of you.

I feel the new civilisation has a clear mission: firstly, to create Planet Earth as an eco-zone of the Universe with its rich biodiversity at its core. Secondly, to populate the Universe by using technology, curiosity, and greatness to drive it.

The main change in organizing Ecocivilisation will be our deep understanding that we are part of a common space that we share within a common consciousness. As a result, structures are based on systems and in the form of networks that nurture a society whose essence is relationships. The concept of competition retreats and gives way to endless collaboration, where the only principle is that collaboration never ends.

Ecocivilisaton Talks

More and more of us are searching for a new shared destination, where
hopes can stay alive, and humanity keeps the right to co-exist as part of this
magical life on Earth.

The #EcocivilisatonTalks is a platform for open discussions, searching and unfolding weak signals pointing towards a new civilisational paradigm which
we started to call #Ecocivilisation.

Because the future is within each of us

So, we are invited to dream, imagine and manifest together the future we want to live.

Because the weak signals within and around us are waiting to be brought to our awareness.

So, we are invited to collectively unfold the essence of our new destination.

Because #Ecocivilisation is just possibly a ticket for our existence.

So, we are invited to gather together, discuss the ways to make it happen.

By creating a safe space within #EcocivilisationTalks for weak signals to unfold

By bringing people together from different parts of the world, engaging us in an open discussion, allowing new understanding to evolve, and bringing us closer to the Laws of Nature

Using different techniques to create participatory set-up that leaves nobody behind, including fabulations, WorldCafee, Appreciative Inquiry

Imagine the ways of achieving the major goals of #Ecocivilisation while challenging them at the same time:

Earth as an eco zone of our galaxy, population of other planets, relationship based civilisation, new physics

Imagine the content and structures of #Ecocivilisation while seeking fresh points of view:

The ability to learn, explore, understand, and support the evolution of beings, society, land, consciousness, relationships

The ability to see new structures, processes, models which embrace the essence of life and tune it in with the Laws of Nature

Topics for #EcocivilisationTalks in 2021:

The foundations for civilizational paradigms, politics and ecocivilisation, new physics, space as a new frontier, consciousness and ecocivilisation, urbanization, …


Ecocivilisation in Action

It’s high time to redefine and rework the way we live. We need new standard for human co-existence which could be sustainable well into the future.
Ecocivilisation is a growing movement and its only constant is change.The time has come, when we can start acknowledging those that have been already paving the way to this new shared destination. These are the individuals, teams, communities, projects that inspired our next move: Ecocivilisation in Action.
Here, we will dive into more specific topics and go from ideas into action. What is already happening, what can we do and how to do it, who to connect with and where to continue the threat.


Because we have to start walking the path, acting, manifesting sustainable solutions

ONLY this can save life on Earth – yours, mine, everyones!
Circular economy is the future for our planet, for our communities and society.

Linear models based on take-make-dispose mindset are not sustainable anymore and it’s time to start thinking differently. It’s time for circular models.

By sharing stories about the circular economy in practice, by sharing experiences, by connecting and collaborating.
By understanding that the fundamental concept of Circular Economy are the 6 R’s of the Circular Economy:
Rethink, Reduce, Refuse,
Reuse, Repair, Recycle.
By understanding the present and future implications of circular economy and learn to practice CE in your life by following 6 R’s.

An exclusive webinar series on Circular Economy, supported by Linkedin posts and videos.

Let’s equip ourselves with the power of knowledge, hear it from the seasoned subject matter experts ( eg: scientists, technologists, economists, educationists, journalists, geologists) from all over the world, learn it from the years of experience of Industrialists, Designers, Marketers, Professionals and above all, consumers.

1. Circular economy – The need of the hour
11 January
2. Circular Economy initiatives Globally
8 February
3. Recycling & Waste Management Crisis across the World
8 March

Save the date!



Let us open the space for unbiased individuals who are driven by their inquisitiveness and the willingness to learn and are not limited by their level and field of qualification. You can join with an agenda to discuss, without an agenda, or just as a listener. Conversations will progress with the flow and need not be restricted to specific topics. As a community, we look forward to building a network conducive for creating and sustaining open conversations, not just on this platform, but in our everyday lives as well.

Our vision is to create a space where agendas are driven by participants, and discussions can take place on those issues that are important to oneself, whether they are social, political, commercial or personal. Our aim is to have open conversations that transcend boundaries and are not restricted to specific topics or driven by a defined end objective. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that safe spaces for discussions keep increasing, and conversations between individuals never stop.

The Global Open House follows an open conversation model where active dialogues are encouraged. As a participant, you should feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, reflections, as well as any questions you want to pose to an open audience. You will be given the opportunity to provide your agendas for discussion during preregistration, which will then be brought up during the Open House by the facilitator. While you should feel free to express yourself, you must be mindful and respectful of everyone who is part of the session.

The Global Open House is an unstructured meeting place, with no keynote speakers, for every individual’s view is just as important as the next. Sessions are scheduled to take place once every month with no pre-defined time duration. While we will schedule a start time, conversations are free to extend for as long as participants are willing to talk. Due to the open format of the session, as a participant, you should feel free to respond, question and add to any and all agendas, irrespective of whether they were suggested by you.



From ego to eco
From breakdown to breakthrough
From competition to collaboration
From capital growth based on the outside intervention to organic growth based on inner strength
From hierarchy to networks
From profits to shared value
From cremation to care
From functions to entities
From static structures to dynamic networks
From vertical/linear to relationship-based models
From ownership to responsible use
From destruction to cross-civilisational integration
From Individuals to Interconnectors
From short term to long term strategies
From isolation to integration
From greed to distribution
From local to global perspective
From fragmented to holistic action
From close to open systems



Welcome to ecocivilisation!

The basic entities of Ecocivilisation


with a clear purpose


rich with resources


with deep networks
of cooperation


with constantly evolving
levels of awareness


with content that keeps
them active

Every being, society, space, consciousness, or relationship has a unique path of evolutionary development,
its own behavior, purpose, and its own dreams. They are all deeply interconnected through interdependence,
content, properties and projects.

We no longer focus on tools, as in the past, where economy, security, education, art, science, and similar were the focus. In the past we worried about GDP instead of well-being, we worried about the value of our currencies instead of people, we developed economic systems instead of societies.







We are neither the first nor the last
creatures of this planet.

In dynamic environments, they are constantly changing, adapting, shivering, and falling. Perhaps it is up to us to connect the wisdoms of different civilizations, enter the consciousness of the Planet and add our creative story to it, expand the space of consciousness and enter other planets with goodwill and truth.


An ecocivilisation uses functions as tools, properties of relationships that are focused on the evolution of the basic entities: beings, land, society, consciousness. So, functions become dynamic structures, re-adjusting to the needs of those entities. For example, if humans are active in thinking environments with innovation as a driving force, education should help humans to develop the competences needed to unleash their creative and innovative potentials, and not the competences for a work environment focused on productivity.

‘‘I have a dream that I live in
an ecocivilisation.
I have a dream and I walk the path.”

Many small steps have been taken; thoughts challenged. But we are almost there. Can you feel it? Look around. It is there, whispering to your heart. Do not be afraid, you are not alone. Keep walking, keep smiling, keep connecting with the deepest parts of yourself. There is the truth, there is love, there is the joy and compassion, there is the respect for what is emerging.

Let us keep walking…

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