I have a dream…
Why are these dreams so special?
“They triggered a global movement, quietly, like a call from somewhere deep inside me, you. They enriched themselves in space before dancing to the world as an ecocivilization. ”

The main change in organizing Ecocivilization will be our deep understanding that we are part of a common space that we share within a common consciousness. As a result, structures are based on systems and in the form of networks that nurture a society whose essence is relationships. The concept of competition retreats and gives way to endless collaboration, where the only principle is that collaboration never ends.



Global Open House

»You set the agenda« Open discussion for everybody, who want […]

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Ecocivilisation Talks: Wrap-Up Session

»Together We Create« Moderated Talks expanding different aspects and building […]

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Ecocivilisation in Action: Circular economy, policies and economic sustainability

»Together We Know« Moderated session are dedicated to the expansion […]

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