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If we want to understand where we are going as a global civilisation and get out of the societal crises rooted in the overexploitation of Earth’s resources and currently exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, it is not enough to define the targets of sustainability and push towards them. Understanding the extent of C02 emissions reductions as well as other civilisational targets, captured by the SDG concept, encourage us to reach out to ambitions like the level of literacy or equality and life expectancy we would like to achieve, besides the environmental sustainability targets. The SDGs pinpoint a holistic societal transformation. Therefore, a shared understanding of a more integral concept could get more people involved and motivated to active themselves to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive society. Imagining where we are headed can help us all to distinguish the right moves from the wrong ones on our pathway into the future. We are talking about »Ecocivilisation« – a concept initiated by Violeta Bulc, that still needs to be fully imagined, described and understood.

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